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Here at Buzz internet Marketing group, we work with a variety of brands, companies, firms and establishments. Whether you are just beginning or developing your brand, Buzz offers innovative, practical and top quality advice that will take your business to the next level.

let us help you tailor an online marketing strategy that will increase brand awareness, customer loyalty and generate more leads for sales.

Buzz Marketing is a SEO company that focuses on lead generation through consistency and proven strategy. Our goal is to you give you quality leads through customization and branding. We provide you with our digital assets that are ranked at the top of Google organically.

Through our self-built digital assets and heavy focus on lead sales, we bring you in quality identification data gathered from a prospective buyer who is interested in your service. Each new account that we take under our belts, is tracked hourly by one of our account managers who will take care of your account personally.

Buzz prides itself on being a small enough agency to provide that “family feeling” but big enough to deliver the results you expect. As a boutique agency, you know you are going to get the best customer service and communication experience.

Our Digital Marketing services are designed to get your business in front of an audience and demographic that you may have never reached before. Whether you are interested in getting your business online or you are looking for some assistance with your digital strategy, Buzz has a solution for you.

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Having an online presence is the best thing you can do for your business. Buzz Marketing helps you build a digital marketing strategy, which will add credibility to your business and ensures you reach a large audience in a way that is both economical and quantifiable. With more consumers online than ever before, digital marketing is an immediate way to reach them in a more affordable way than traditional marketing methods.

We take the time to understand your brand and align your core values into a solution tailored to your wants and needs. We get that every company is different, that is why each company that chooses to work with us will receive digital marketing services that are unique to them, and not us.

Buzz has served hundreds of clients in almost every major industry across Canada. This includes: debt agencies, window companies, door installers, property managers, law firms, real estate brokerages, roofing companies, home service contractors, manufacturers, distributors, media companies, and many more.

At BIMG we like to see our clients succeed. We can start off small, and slowly grow bigger together. Our team is highly trained and passionate about making sure each and every one of our clients is satisfied every step of the way.