Avi Shomer


Being the oldest of nine, Avi has had a leadership bone since the day he started walking. Avi began his career and worked for over 15 years in the internet industry as an Internet Marketing consultant gaining marketing account executive experience. With a passion for marketing, Avi wanted to revolutionize the way companies evaluate the performance of a marketing team and started B.I.M.G. in 2011. With his creative eye and strong management skills, Avi has a unique ability to learn the industries of his clients quickly and thoroughly.

Nathan Rozenfeld

Vice President

With over 10 years of experience, Nathan has extensive knowledge about business management and customer service. He has worked in one of the largest e-commerce companies across North America and understands what it takes to help grow your business and take your website to the next level. Nathan has set up and closed dozens of accounts and continues to contribute to the growth of Buzz Internet.


Chief Financial Officer

Veronica has one of the most integral roles here at Buzz in keeping the accounts in financial order. She is always available to assist with any sort of billing issues and ensure you will feel taken care of.

Yitzi Shubov

Sales Representative

Yitzi has been working in sales for the past 10 years. He is here to make sure his customers get the best price and service possible. Having worked in sales for so many years, he has developed a perfect way to ensure his clients are always happy. Yitzi is an avid Raptors fan and loves spending time with his wife and son.

Levi Shomer

Director of sales

With over 10 years of experience, Levi has assisted in the growth of over a dozen different businesses. As the director of sales at Buzz Internet, he specializes in business branding, online management, and website development. Through creative tools and strategies, Levi works with each client and develops a unique marketing proposal that will not only maximize the company’s budget, but improve the overall quality of the corporation.

Aryeh Ehrentreu

Director Of digital Marketing

Aryeh comes from an extensive background in online marketing, with 8 years of business development and marketing experience spanning over 6 companies. At Buzz, Aryeh is responsible for online media buying, as well as business development. Through his love of editing, creating and design, Aryeh strives to go the extra mile with all Buzz customers.

David Rothman

DIrector of affiliate & Digital partnerships

David is passionate about marketing and sales and has been helping clients achieve their business goals for more than 15 years. Duzie has over 10 years of sales and management experience, and just over 5 years of digital marketing experience. He loves working alongside clients and acting as their reliable consultant for all marketing needs. Some of Duzie’s specialties are: lead generation, management, operations, social media, business development and web design.

Zee Wasserman

Google ad specialist/Web developement

Tzvika has many years of web development and google advertising experience under his belt. He loves to create work that captures people’s attention. He’s responsible for research & development of new strategies which includes hardware and software. Whether it’s developing a website or designing an ad, Tzvika translates his interests and passion into value for clients. Leading Buzz’s Google marketing department. Tzvika is responsible for all of our google advertising and media buying.

Danielle Ouanounou

Administative assistant

Danielle has a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Society and has been our office administrator since 2018. With a background in telecommunications, entertainment and her current enrolment in marketing analytics, Danielle manages daily tasks, customers, and the success of Buzz with ease and confidence. Her close attention to detail and remarkable organizational skills keep the office running on two legs.